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A Healthier All-Natural Tortilla Made with 100% Mexican Cactus Flour

MARCELA'S CACTUS TORTILLAS are a gluten-free alternative to flour tortillas that tastes great and has three times the fiber! My passion is to provide you with delicious, healthy choices to improve your fitness and well-being.

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A little history

“I have always loved tortillas.  My love for adding fiber and protein into our tortillas came about dehydrating cactus/nopales into a flour and combining it with corn.  This combination gives you an amazing tortilla with 2.5 grams of fiber on each tortilla, 2 grams of protein and is gluten free and vegan.  It tastes earthy and delicious.”  – Chef Marcela


Nopales (Spanish for cactus also known as “prickly pear”)

Nopales are one of the chief components of Mexican cuisine, popular for its vast health benefiting properties and loved by me because the cactus is an excellent source of dietary fiber, and its substances help in reducing LDL-cholesterol, body weight, and blood sugar levels.

By replacing some of the corn flour with cactus flour, I am excited to bring you a delicious tortilla that naturally contains no wheat, no gluten, plus all of the additional benefits that the cactus can offer to our daily lifestyle.

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