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Chef Marcela’s Cactus Chips are coming soon to your favorite Houston grocery store!! 

We are very excited to announce our newest product, Chef Marcela's Cactus Chips!

The chips are made from nopales, a type of cactus known as “prickly pear” that is found predominantly in Latin America. Nopales is know for its vast health benefiting properties and loved by me because the cactus is an excellent source of dietary fiber. 

By replacing some of the corn flour with cactus flour and its substances help in reducing LDL-cholesterol, body weight, and blood sugar levels. 

I am excited to bring you a delicious chip that naturally contains no wheat, no gluten, plus all of the additional benefits that the cactus can offer to your daily lifestyle.

For now, you may buy my chips at my food trailer Tuesday and Fridays 9-3 at Therapy Hair Studio located at 2727 Saint Street Houston, TX 77027 

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